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About Us

{v.} • [meh-rah-kee]
to do something with soul, creativity  or love; to put something of yourself into your work.

Meraki Market is a platform that offers a curation of the finest products and brands in timeless and functional design. Design made to stand time, built to last and made from materials that only become more beautiful the longer you use it

The curation is done by actual designers and is based on their all
time favorites; objects they would love to have around them. This could be a little pocket knife or a military watch. A pair of white sneakers or a handy notebook.

Meraki market is all about 'buy less , but buy better products instead'.

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How it works

Meraki Market is powered by Amazon Associates, the affiliates program by Amazon; worlds largest e-commerce marketplace. This programs enables us to share products from their international database and get a small margin for every sale in return. This allows us to keep Meraki Market up to date, add new products daily and make it every time a little bit better.

Our pricing is exactly the same as you will find on Amazon, no added fees. Amazon handles all the orders after checkout, so you will be guaranteed of all the quality, security and service they offer.

So basically for all this extra comfort of simply browsing through the finest curation of timeless design, you will not pay one cent extra and help us maintain this website. Isn't that a win-win situation?!

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Stay Updated

We will place new products on daily basis, which will also be posted on our Instagram feed, next to some other nice visual design inspiration... Just follow us and stay up to date of our latest finds.

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